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At DreamJob Discovery, we believe lasting happiness in life is directly linked to work that fuels your personal passions and gives you a sense of purpose.


That’s why our focus is on providing proprietary tools, practical advice, and proven resources to help you discover the kind of work that would be a dream for you.

We envision a world where everyone eagerly embraces their work, feeling passionate and purpose-driven by what they do.

Our founder, Ken Steven, will never forget the morning he couldn’t drag himself out of bed because the thought of facing another workday overwhelmed him with anxiety. He was feeling stuck in a job that he absolutely hated. But he had no clue how to escape what, for him, had become a paycheck purgatory.


The problem was that he didn’t know what he’d rather be doing instead. He desperately wanted to find a job he could feel passionate about doing. But, he had no clue what his passion was.


Career counseling, self-assessments, and self-help books failed to uncover the answers for Ken. So, he made it his mission to develop a fast and simple solution that anyone could use to accurately predict the kind of work that would be a joy to do.


After countless hours of researching, testing and tweaking over a 16-year period, Ken succeeded in developing a revolutionary career assessment called the DreamJob Type Indicator™ or DJTI™ for short. 

The DreamJob Type Indicator (DJTI) is the only career assessment that's designed to identify how enjoyable a job will be for you to do​.

Other popular career assessments are designed to measure either your personality traits, your skills and strengths, or your behavioral tendencies and preferences.


These assessments are routinely used by career coaches or counselors, recruiters, and human resource professionals to help them match you to employment opportunities that provide the best fit with either your personality, strengths, or behaviors.


However, just because a job is a best fit based on these assessments, doesn’t mean you’ll actually enjoy doing that job. Research proves this point. A global study conducted by Gallop each year consistently reveals that 85% of people have no passion for the work they do.


The DreamJob Type Indicator is the only career assessment that's specifically designed to identify how enjoyable a job will be for you to do.


The results of this assessment will not only reveal your job passion type, but also specific job title suggestions for you to consider.


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