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Is It Time For A Career Pivot?

Perhaps you've reached a dead end in your career with no more opportunities for promotions and pay raises.


Or perhaps you’ve been a victim of downsizing late in your career and need to pivot in order to reinvent yourself professionally.


But how do you know what that new career should be for you?


If you consult a career coach or counselor they’ll likely advise you to leverage your current skill set within another industry sector.


But what if you don’t enjoy using those skills? What if they no longer challenge you to be better?


You’ll ultimately be unhappy in that new job. So, leveraging your current skill set is no guarantee of happiness in a new career.


And given that you spend half of your life working, it just makes sense that finding happiness in your new career should be a priorty for you.

Leveraging your current skill set is no guarantee of happiness in a new career.

If only there were a way to know for sure that the career you pivot into will be one that you’ll love doing.


We can help you with that. 


We use a proprietary career assessment tool called the DreamJob Type Indicator™ (DJTI™ for short) to accurately predict the type of work that will fuel your passions. 


The results of this assessment will not only reveal the type of work that makes you happy, but also specific job title suggestions within different career paths for you to consider.


To learn more about the DJTI Assessment, click the button below.

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