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Are You Looking For A Job?

Have you been forced out of work because of the COVID 19 pandemic?


Are you returning to the workforce or seeking your first job fresh out of college?


The advice you'll typically receive from family, friends, and trusted advisors would be to find a job that virtually guarantees your financial security. Follow the money, and it will provide you with a comfortable standard of living.


That means you might be tempted to take the first job you can find that will pay all your bills.


But long-term, that job may not make you happy. You'll have a job that supports a lifestyle you desire, but you'll ultimately be too miserable to enjoy that lifestyle!


From our experience, we know that your happiness in life is directly related to how much your job fuels your passions and gives you a sense of purpose.


Given that you'll spend half your life doing your job, doesn't it make sense to make happiness at work a priority during your job search right now?

You'll spend half your life doing your job. Doesn't it make sense to make happiness at work a priority?

But what if you don't know what kind of job would make you happy?


If that's your situation, you are not alone. According to a 2017 Gallup study, 85% of workers have no passion for their work, and almost the same percentage of workers don't have any clue what their work passions would be.


If only there were a way to know for sure that a job would bring you joy.


We can help you with that. 


Our founder, Ken Steven, has created the DreamJob Type Indicator™ (DJTI™), an online career assessment tool that accurately predicts your job passion type and suggests specific job title suggestions for you to consider.


To learn more about the DJTI Assessment, click the button below.

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