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Dream Job Discovery Book Cover

Ken Steven, the founder of DreamJob Discovery, authored this book to share with you his revolutionary four-step process for finding a job that fuels your passions and inspires your purpose (even if you don't know your passion and purpose). The first step in Ken's process will reveal your job passion in less than 30 minutes! Then you'll discover what job titles would be the best for you to pursue. Click the button to read an excerpt from the book on Amazon. 

We envision a world where everyone eagerly embraces their work, feeling passionate and purpose-driven by what they do.

What's Your DreamJob?

What's the one job that would be a dream for you to do… the job that wouldn't even seem like work because you enjoy doing it so much?


If you're still seeking an answer to that question, you've come to the right place. 


Helping you discover the job that fuels your passions and gives you purpose is what we do here at DreamJob Discovery. 


How we can help you do that depends on your current situation. 

What's Your Current Situation?

Job Seeking
  • Recently been laid off, fired, or furloughed
  • Just entering or returning to the workforce
Feeling Stuck in Your Job
  • Feeling stuck in a job that you don't enjoy
  • Not sure what kind of work would make you happy
Career Shift
  • Reaching a dead end in your current career path
  • Feeling abandoned as a victim of downsizing
Love Your Job

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